Is it better to buy a pre-owned laser cutting machine or press brake, or a new one?

If you are in the market for a new machine, such as a laser cutting machine or a press brake, you have many choices to make. What brand, what size, what power, how much will I use the machine, what is my budget? Today we want to help you with one of those choices. Are you better off with a new machine, or with a pre-owned one? What are the pros and cons? We list them for you!

A pre-owned machine is cheaper

The first reason that many companies buy a pre-owned laser cutting machine, tube laser or press brake is because it is naturally cheaper to purchase a pre-owned machine than the same model in new condition. After all, after a few years of use, the machine has decreased significantly in value. The machines have been doing their job for some time and we all know that – regardless of the depreciation method used – machines will decrease in value as they are used more or as they get older. But, and that’s where the advantage of pre-owned machines comes in – most of the depreciation usually takes place in the first years. And we don’t need to explain what it means when a machine simply costs less money: lower running costs, a lower investment, lower depreciation, etc. As a result, the machine in your possession also loses relatively less value, which in turn is favorable for any financing.

More machine for your money

You can also turn it around: for the same money you can buy a machine that was originally more expensive. The quality of modern machines is now so good that the difference with a new machine is negligible. In any case, it does not affect the total life of a machine. In fact, a pre-owned machine is regularly checked thoroughly during the resale and where necessary overhauled so that it is in excellent condition again, so that the difference in quality is even smaller. So you get more machine for the same money. In addition, this can also offer the possibility to purchase multiple machines, which creates more efficiency and capacity on the production options.

Pre-owned machines are available very quickly

If the budget or the quality of the machines are not a decisive factor for you, delivery time may still be an issue. Current market conditions and economic developments are changing so quickly that the demand for your products or services can completely shift within a few weeks or months and you (unforeseen) need extra production capacity. With the current chip shortages and other supply chain perils, the delivery time of new machines is increasing sharply. In addition, the staff shortage is also noticeable in the technical sector and the installation of a new machine can take some time. However, a pre-owned machine can be dismantled and rebuilt in a matter of weeks – and this process can be shortened even further if the machine is in stock ready for installation. An additional advantage is that the machine is often ‘put away’ in working order, and can therefore be installed again very quickly. This is often taken into account when dismantling a machine so that the construction time is as short as possible.

A machine – pre-owned or new – remains a complex product and a major investment

All the advantages mentioned above are only relevant if the machine is actually in good condition. And that takes trust. In order to strengthen that trust somewhat, we at Laser & Bending Machines always ask for a documented maintenance and malfunction history of a machine when we purchase it. In addition, we will do everything we can to help you make the right choice. Are you not familiar with laser cutting machines or press brakes because you have outsourced all the work so far? No problem, we will be happy to visit you to answer any questions and to advise you on a suitable machine.

Disadvantages of buying a pre-owned machine

Of course there are also disadvantages to mention. Because what is the biggest difference with a new machine, why do people prefer to buy new than used? “Then I know for sure that it is all right”, is a frequently heard argument. The confidence one has in a particular manufacturer, the guarantee that a new machine will ‘always’ work, or always have the latest technologies; all valid reasons to buy a new machine. And therein lies the disadvantage for pre-owned machines: the condition of the machine is not always certain. How has the machine been used, are there any hidden defects? How long can the machine last? Fortunately, this uncertainty can be largely resolved by 1) having a thorough status-check done by technical experts and 2) requesting the maintenance and malfunction history of a machine. You can then properly estimate how much and for what purpose the machine has been used, in what condition it is and how long it can last. A thorough overhaul can then bring the machine back to new condition and remove the last concerns. And with regard to the latest technologies: in recent years more and more machines have entered the pre-owned market that also have all the high-tech options ticked, so if you specifically need a certain type of option, they can in many cases already be found at the pre-owned market. Pre-owned automation has also been available for years and you can help you even further to optimize your production process.

Can Laser & Bending Machines help me with the purchase of a pre-owned machine?

We have years of experience in the market for pre-owned machines (e.g., pre-owned Bystronic laser cutting machines or pre-owned Bystronic pressbrakes) and can therefore call ourselves experts – with appropriate modesty. We always strive to find the right machine for a customer, regardless of the available budget. The laser cutting machines, tube laser cutting machines and press brakes are completely installed by our experienced technicians. We can completely unburden you by taking care of transport, overhaul, training and maintenance. The reliability of our machines is guaranteed by making accurate status-checks when purchasing and overhauling them where necessary.

To give you an impression of our available machines, please refer to our inventory page:

You can find there for example a pre-owned Bystronic Bystar, a pre-owned Bystronic BySpeed, a pre-owned Bystronic BySprint Fiber, etc. But also pre-owned Adige tube lasers are part of our portfolio.

We are of course happy to assist you and we are prepared to visit you without any obligation to further discuss the options. Feel free to contact us via our contact page.