Tube lasers

If we are talking about cutting pipes, tubulars and open profiles with a diameter between 12 mm and 600 mm and a length of up to 12 m, whether done by laser or plasma, Warcom has the solution.

These machines, thanks to the great versatility and the wide range of possible processes, are suitable for a very large clientele belonging to various sectors such as automotive, earthmoving, petrochemical, construction, household appliances, furniture and many others. Furthermore, Warcom machines are not only able to work carbon steel and stainless steel but also aluminum, copper and brass thanks to the fiber cutting technology.

In addition to sectioning the tube, Warcom machines are able to carry out many other processes on tubes and profiles such as drilling, slotting, notching and inclined cuts. They are also able to process IPE, HEA, HEB, UNP open section beams, angles, flats, U-profiles, T-profiles, Omega and special profiles. Among the most advanced processes, Warcom performs crimping with machines equipped with 3D laser cutting heads, a fundamental operation for metal carpentry works that require full penetration welding.

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