New Sponsor

In addition to assisting our customers with the purchase or sale of their laser cutting machines or press brakes, we also want to be there for our regional community. As of this season, the youth leaders and trainers of the football club ASWH will therefore be given a new outfit, with our logo on it.

ASWH is a football club from Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, The Netherlands. They currently play in the Second Division of Dutch football. In addition, they also have very active youth groups. Nathan van der Hoeven, the Sales Director of Laser & Bending Machines says: “We are not only proud of it, but also very happy that we can contribute to the development of the youth of Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht. ”



We have explicitly chosen to sponsor the youth, as they – certainly in the current circumstances – benefit most from the connection that a football club like ASWH brings. As a company, we want to be more than a reliable partner in the metal industry, we want to deploy our resources in places where others can also enjoy them.

We hope to meet you soon on the sidelines at ASWH to cheer and encourage the youth together!

For more information, visit (in Dutch).