Together for each other.

The current period not only has setbacks for the metal industry but also has potential benefits. On the one hand, companies report a decline in sales and service companies are limited in performing their work due to the ‘intelligent lockdown’. Many companies fear a new recession, with all the sales stagnating consequences. Fewer tools, machines and software are already being purchased, let alone if the current measures remain effective for a few more months.

And let’s not forget the logistics supply. Many manufacturing companies depend on suppliers from abroad, who are currently not allowed to enter or leave the country, causing the supply of raw materials or semi-finished products to stagnate.

On the other hand, there is the enormous revival of solidarity in society. Manufacturing companies that feel the need to use their technical knowledge and tools for those in need of care. Think of producing face masks, cashier screens and medical equipment. Demand for packaging steel has also increased enormously. In addition, people all over the world feel that we can only do this together and that we should hold back now. We therefore go to the local bakery or florist rather than to the large supermarkets.

The supply of machines also has its problems. The production of machines in China has been stopped for a few months and Italy is also seeing problems with producing and exporting machines. Especially in times of crisis we often see an increasing demand for used, local machines.

Many companies today refrain from investing in machinery, because there is too much uncertainty about the future. How will the economy hold up if we remain in a partial lockdown for a longer period of time? Will there still be sufficient demand for my products? Are companies going to collapse? Will my company collapse? Buying a new machine can now be too big a step, even though the old machine may already be walking on its last legs and its continuity is not certain. Buying a used machine can therefore be a sensible step in times when you do not want to spend large amounts due to the uncertainty, but want to be assured that you can continue to produce in the future

Even now (and perhaps especially now) obtaining financing is no problem. Interest rates are still historically low and the government and banks are eager to boost the economy by providing financial support. If you are currently thinking about replacing or expanding your laser cutting machine or press brake, then consider purchasing a used machine. These machines have already had their largest depreciation, but still perform optimally because they are all quality machines from brands such as Bystronic, Trumpf or Adige. In terms of performance, they are not inferior to a new B- or C-brand machine, but they are priced accordingly! Or perhaps automation is interesting for you, now that you have to keep the factory running with limited manpower. You can do the same work with fewer people, because you let the time-consuming jobs be done by the automation. Do you also consider the health of your employees of paramount importance?

The metal industry is a vital sector and it is precisely now that we want to ensure that everyone can contribute to maintaining the economy, improving the health of everyone in the world and supporting the beautiful people who keep our health care systems and economy running. We do our part by offering production capacity at an affordable price. Together we show solidarity and together we support our countries in these times of crisis.


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