Bystronic Xpert 400/4100 2008

Bystronic Xpert 400/4100 2008

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Unique combination, now availabe at Laser & Bending Machines B.V.!

We currently have available for you the most ideal combination in the market: a Bystronic BySprint 4kW Fiber, sheet size: 4000x2000mm combined with the absolute best of Bystronic: an Xpert 400T press brake with a bending length of 4100mm!


In the current market, more and more construction is done with sheets longer than 3 meters. This combination enables you to create these products and do so competitively.


Request the price for this special combination now, so you can be operational and ready for the future by this summer.

Standard configuration:
Table width 60 mm
Max. Stop area X-axis (2/4/5 axes) 1,100 mm
Method X-axis (2/4/5 axes) 700 mm
Max. Speed X-axis (2/4/5 axes) 500 mm / s
Accuracy X-axis (2/4/5 axes) 0.02 mm

Method R-axis (2/4/5 axes) 250 mm
Max. Speed R-axis (2/4/5 axes) 150 mm / s
Accuracy R-axis (2/4/5 axes) 0.1 mm
Method Z-axis 2,900 mm
Max. Speed Z-axis (4/5 axes) 1,000 mm / s
Max. Speed Z-axis (6 axes) 800 mm / s
Max. Speed Z-axis (6 axes) 1,890 in / min
Accuracy Z-axis (4/5 axes) 0.1 mm

Extended machine accessories:
ByVision Bending operator terminal with 22 inch Full HD touchscreen
OPC Interface Bending
Bending curve generator
Automatic kickstand suspension compensation by means of dynamic pressure reference
Crown 4: Reactive hydraulically dynamic crowning of the lower cheek
Automatic tool overload protection
Compensation of the temperature-induced stator expansion
Automatic dynamic pressure control with crowning 4
Material thickness measurement
Fast Bend – safety system manually adjustable in height
2 x manually adjustable front workpiece support in reinforced design, support bracket louvre 1.000
mm (> 320t)
Scale on the upper cheek
Side guards with electrical monitoring
Rear safety gate with sliding door with electrical monitoring
Linear guide with two parking spaces of 250 mm each
Double guide of the upper cheek
Installation heights and stroke increase by 100 mm
Upper tool clamping type RF-A hydraulic
Hardened weld plates at the top of the tool clamp
4 axes back gauge X, R, Z1, Z2
Additional backgauge finger in Z-direction, manually movable, finger height = 40 mm (20/20)
Optical Bending Guide System only with (RF-A / XPT)

Machine overview
Weight 28.3t
Required Power 30kW
Oil Capacity 600L
Effective open height 550mm
Height 3230mm
Depth 2200mm
Length 4880mm
Distance between side frames 3600mm
Bending Length 4100mm
Stroke 265mm
Tonnage 400t

Contact information

Are you interested in this machine or do you have questions? Contact us! 

Nathan van der Hoeven
+31 78 200 3100

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    Tonnage 400t
    Year of Construction 2008