ByAutonom 3015 6kW CO2 2013

ByAutonom 3015 6kW CO2 2013


High degree of autonomy
Thanks to the many automated processes within the machine, the ByAutonom can
producte independently, saving the operator time and allowing him to concentrate on
the planning and control tasks.

  • Automatic nozzle centering (standard)
  • Highly effective collision detection on the cutting head (standard)
  • Nozzle changer (option)
  • Lens cassette changer (option)
  • Combined part and cross conveyor for automatic removal of waste (option)

Ergonomic workplace
The ergonomic interfaces between operator and machine have received a lot of attention
and this principle can be found throughout the machine.

  • The large, yet easy to operate safety door gives the operator an
    optimal access to the cutting zone.
  • Spacious storage drawers are integrated in the machine housing. Everything is correcty placed at your fingertips.
  • The accessibility to the exchange table is optimal
  • The large control panel (22 ”Touch screen) can be easily adjusted to
    meet all operator ergonomic requirements.
  • The operator is quickly trained by the ergonomically designed control panel
    in operating the laser cutting machine
  • Manually moving the cutting head quickly to any desired position in the cutting zone;
    separation cuts can also be made quickly and easily

Top technology
Due to the top technology, the ByAutonom has an exceptionally high production capacity

  • A very dynamic machine with linear drives (Y / Z) and high torque motors
  • An exceptionally stable machine frame with optimal vibration damping
  • A lightweight aluminum bridge, reinforced with honey grid plates, for maximum
  • Optional rotary axes
  • A central lubrication system reduces maintenance work to a minimum
  • Condition Messenger: To be constantly informed about the functioning of
    the machine components and their condition
  • Maintenance Messenger: To be constantly informed about upcoming
    maintenance visits
Machine overview
Max. sheet size 25mm steel, 20mm chrome steel, 12 mm aluminium
Total electrical consumption 34 kW
Shuttle table change time 22s
Machine weight, without chiller and extraction unit 11000kg
Max workpiece weight 890kg
Max acceleration 30m/s2
Positioning accuracy Pa* 0.1mm
Repeatability Ps* 0,05mm
Maximum positioning speed parallel axis x, y 120m/min
Maximum simultaneous positioning speed 169m/min
Cutting Area Z 80mm
Cutting Area Y 1500mm
Cutting Area X 3000mm
Size 3000x1500 mm
Laser source 6kW

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    Available in September
    Brand Bystronic
    Type Flat laser
    Cutting hours 13500
    Working hours 25000
    Sheet size 3000x1500mm
    Laser source CO2
    Laser power 6kW
    Cutting head 2D
    Year 2013