This article was first published in Metaalnieuws. The original (in Dutch) can be found here.

After a flying start – no fewer than twenty used machines, mainly flatbed lasers, were sold in the first year of existence – Laser & Bending machines (LBM) is focusing more explicitly on tube lasers this year. To start with, the young machine supplier from Dordrecht has purchased three Adige tube lasers in Finland and is now offering them.

The three tube lasers that have now been picked up in Finland are two machines of the type LT7.02 and one LT 7.22. With this, pipes and tubes up to around 140 mm, square and rectangular material and some profiles can be cut.

Nathan van der Hoeven of LBM already knows that it will not stop with these three, because there is a good market for used tube lasers from the A-brand Adige. Suppliers with tube laser capacity are busy, with the result that companies that need cut tube material sometimes have to wait a few weeks for it. “Delivery time of three weeks is too long for a few tubes,” says Van der Hoeven. “We are therefore regularly approached by entrepreneurs asking if we have something for them. In addition, there are many sheet metal workers who want to offer it as an extra service to their customers. So that they can offer both the flat sheet jobs as well as the tubing. For many of those companies, a new tube laser is too much of an expense.

At LBM you can already have an Adige for an interesting price. Used tube lasers are therefore in demand. They are interesting for greenhouse construction companies in the Westland in the Netherlands, for example, but also for school furniture manufacturers, fencing suppliers, door manufacturers and barn decorators who want to get rid of outsourcing due to the long delivery times. But also because of the costs and the flexibility to design yourself and to be able to switch quickly. The calculations we make show that you can cut with a used tube laser for 35 to 40 euros per hour. That makes it interesting to cut a project yourself. We also have a short delivery time; we can install a machine within 2 to 3 weeks.”

Original software

The three tube lasers that have now been collected from Finland are two machines of the type LT7.02 and one LT 7.22. With this, pipes and tubes up to around 140 mm, square and rectangular material and possibly some profiles can be cut. All three machines are equipped with an automatic bundle loader, an input of 6.5 meters and an output of 4.5 meters. “They are indestructible machines. They are a bit older, but mechanically we can completely overhaul them. We overhaul them in such a way that the new owner can use them for years to come, with good guidance for the training and the software of the machine. ”

Above expectations

Nathan van der Hoeven started LBM in early 2020, together with a financially strong partner who is active in the background. The machine supplier is engaged in the purchase and sale of used machines for sheet metal working from high-end brands: flatbed lasers, press brakes, tube lasers and automation. Purchasing and sales is guided from A to Z and the objective is to find the right machine with the right specifications for every budget, both for contract cutters and for companies with their own product. The first year went beyond expectations. “We assumed that a minimum of five machines would be sold, but it has become twenty despite the restrictions on traveling abroad due to the corona crisis. That is why we are now mainly focusing on the Benelux. ”

High power fiber lasers

Naturally, LBM is not only focusing on tube lasers this year. “An interesting development is that used flatbed fiber lasers with high laser powers are now also coming onto the market. For example, we will soon be able to offer several Bystronic fiber lasers with, among other things, a 10 kW power laser source, possibly complete with full automation. ”


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