Bystronic Xpert 40 2016

Bystronic Xpert 40 2016

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This machine has been sold. Please contact us if you would be interested in a similar machine!

This Xpert 40 was built in 2016 and is in a very good condition. The machine can also be supplied with a set of bending tools.

Best process efficiency
The increased acceleration and speed of the high precision upper beam guarantees the highest possible process efficiency. This is partly supported by the extremely fast back gauge that are almost immediately in the correct position.

Plug in and bend
When space is a problem in the production environment or when there are changes production capacity is nice if your machines are also flexible. The machine can be placed anywhere in the factory and installed in less than 5 minutes.

The highest application versatility
The 40 ton press capacity combined with the large installation height and stroke plus the robust back gauge offers perfect flexibility. It offers the possibility of a wide variety of tools to be used for making large series of small parts, bending
of boxes as bending thicker parts.

Best ergonomics
Comparable to the high standards in modern office environments, the height adjustable table the best possible ergonomic working environment for the

Best energy efficiency
The Xpert 40’s intelligent process and silent drive make it possible to bend with about 30% less energy consumption than comparable electric powered press brakes. Less energy means less residual heat and less wear.

Machine overview
Height 2415mm
Depth 1362mm
Length 1520mm
Weight 4000kg
Power main engine 7.5kW
Oil Capacity 100L
Y axis (ram) positioning accuracy 0.01mm
Max Y axis (ram) bending speed 25mm/s
Y axis (ram) rapid traverse speed 300mm/s
Z axis speed 2000mm/s
Z axis displacement 955mm
Travel speed R axis 500mm/s
R axis stroke 100mm
Travel speed X axis 1500mm/s
X axis stroke 300mm
X axis backgauge range 500mm
Table width 60mm
Distance between the side frame 1060mm
Installation height [ D`} ` 515mm
Stroke 200mm
Bending Length 1030mm
Tonnage 40t

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    Currently available!
    Merk Bystronic
    Lengte kantbank 200mm
    Tonnage 40t
    Gereedschappen Yes
    Year of Construction 2016