Bystronic ByStar 4030-120

Bystronic ByStar 4030-120

Bystronic ByStar 4030-120 uit 2002.

This is literally one of the biggest machines Bystronic has ever made, with a cutting area of 12000x3000mm!

This enables you to cut large parts in one single piece without having to connect them with welding or other processes.

It also enables you to make more efficient use of both the laser and the sheets, you can use the additional space on the sheets to cut a large amount of parts in one go!

The machine originally had a 4kW CO2 laser source, but has been upgraded to a 6kW CO2 laser source in 2010.

The following revisions has been made so far, apart from the obvious annual maintenance by Bystronic:

  • Cleaning of resonator optics in December, 2017
  • Exchange of all bellows in December, 2017
  • Replacement of all building parts of the shuttle table system in January, 2019
  • Refurbishing of linear guiding system in January, 2019
  • Refurbishing of z-axis in January, 2019
  • Replacement of vacuum pumps in January, 2019

The working hours are as follows:

  • 4kW source: 36,911 hours
  • 6kW source (from 2010): 45,551 hours
  • CNC: 12,799 hours
  • PC: 14,784 hours

The machine is in good condition and currently available!

Machine overview
Max. sheet size 25mm steel, 25mm stainless, 15 mm aluminium
Total electric consumption with filter and cooling unit 78 kW
Machine weight, without chiller and extraction unit 42500kg
Max workpiece weight 6000kg
Positioning accuracy Pa* 0.1mm
Repeatability Ps* 0,05mm
Maximum positioning speed parallel axis x, y 60m/min
Maximum simultaneous positioning speed 85m/min
Cutting Area Z 170mm
Cutting Area Y 3000mm
Cutting Area X 12000mm
Size 12000x3000 mm
Laser source 6kW

Contact information

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Nathan van der Hoeven
+31 78 200 3100

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    Currently available
    Brand Bystronic
    Type Flat laser
    Cutting hours 12799
    Working hours 45551
    Sheet size 12000x3000mm
    Laser source CO2
    Laser power 6kW
    Cutting head 2D
    Year 2002