With the new distribution partnership of the Italian machine manufacturer Warcom, LBM Laser & Bending Machines has expanded its possibilities considerably. In addition to used machines for sheet metal processing, LBM can now also supply new laser cutting machines, tube lasers, press brakes, shears and plasma cutting machines.

Until now, LBM, located in Zwijndrecht, was a dealer in used laser cutting machines, press brakes and the associated automation. With the Warcom range, LBM can now also supply new machines and thus offer existing customers more and appeal to a wider target group. “It was always my idea to put a brand with new machines next to our used machines”, says director/owner Nathan van der Hoeven of LBM. “Therefor we were looking for a European manufacturer that develops and produces itself and supplies high-quality machines with European components. We have now found this manufacturer with Warcom.”

Third generation family business
LBM’s importership applies to the Benelux market, where Warcom was not yet active. It is a family business that was founded in 1959 and is now run by the third generation. Warcom develops and produces all machines in-house. It all started with shears. Later the press brakes and the cutting machines were added: first the plasma cutters, and since the rise of the fiber laser also flatbed lasers and tube lasers.

Warcom is located in the northern Italian town of Adro (between Bergamo and Brescia). Here, with a factory of 6,000 square meters and sixty employees, the company has a production capacity of about one hundred machines per year. These are mainly sold in Italy, but with an international sales network, Warcom is represented in about fifty countries. Since its inception, they sold more than 4000 machines.

Flatbed lasers

Warcom carries an extensive program of cutting machines, press brakes and shears. The company builds two types of flatbed lasers: W-Fiber and Rivale. The W-Fiber is the top model that guarantees high productivity, accuracy and reliability. The machine delivers high performance and is
maximum acceleration of 2G and a maximum cutting speed of 210 m/min suitable for cutting various materials (up to 40 mm steel), including highly reflective material. The W-Fiber is equipped with a shuttle table as standard and can be equipped with loading and unloading systems and storage towers to automatically and to operate without human intervention. The W-Fiber can be equipped with a fiber laser source of up to 20 kW. The Rivale is the entry-level model with an excellent price-quality ratio for companies that want to start laser cutting (or want to switch from a used laser to a new one), with the guarantee of an Italian quality product at a competitive price. The Rivale has an acceleration of 1G and a cutting speed of 140 m/min. With laser sources up to 6 kW, it cuts 25 mm thick steel. This entry-level model can also be equipped with automation. Equipped with the Virtuo software, the machines are easy to operate.

Plasma cutting machines

The plasma cutting machines are available in three models: the M series is the standard machine, the S series is a plasma solution for XXL formats. Both machines are available with options such as bevel cutting. The W-Tube series is for cutting tubes and open profiles.

Press brakes

Warcom also produces an extensive range of hydraulic and electric press brakes with various working lengths and tonnages. The different models are the Evoluta (to be equipped with automatic tool changer Bend-Master), Dinamica (available in tandem setup), Futura and the small Logica, a fast, accurate and ergonomic electric press brake with 130 tons of power for bending small parts. A suitable press brake is available for every application.

Finally, Warcom also produces the Maxima guillotine shears and some special machines for processing, among other things, tinplate.

For every budget
The starting point of LBM has always been to be able to supply sheet metal companies (both contract cutters and companies with their own product) for every budget the right premium brand machine with the right specifications aimed at its production process. “With Warcom’s importership, we can fill this in much more broadly,” says sales director Haitze van Veller. “We can now arrange the whole package for our customers based on their available budget, offering the choice between used or new. This will allow us to appeal to a wider customer group. We now have very solid new machines for contract cutting companies that really want to cut payroll. Anyone who wants to make the step from refurbished machines to new machines can now also contact us.”

Service and maintenance

LBM sells the Warcom machines and guarantees the service and maintenance. For this, the company has assured itself of cooperation with a permanent Dutch service partner, who is responsible for the installation, training and maintenance. This company is MTU-Service from Uden, which has several very experienced mechanics, who are currently being trained by Warcom.

Warcom takes part in the Euroblech in Hannover. LBM will be present at the stand to inform visitors from the Netherlands and Belgium about all the possibilities.

Hall 12, Stand D54