As of March 1, 2022, Haitze van Veller will support the Laser & Bending Machines team as sales director. Today he would like to introduce himself to you:

“Hello! My name is Haitze van Veller, 46 years old and living in North Brabant (The Netherlands). In my career I have mainly been active in sales. For the past 12 years I have been responsible as a senior account manager at a leading player in the gas industry. As a result, I have been working in the metal industry for a number of years, and I have become familiar with the world of lasers, plasma and oxy-fuel cutting machines.”

Our managing director, Nathan van der Hoeven, regularly met Haitze at mutual clients. This is how contact arose and a great collaboration has been built up. Nathan: “I regularly came into contact with Haitze when a customer had bought a laser from us and needed laser gases or cutting gases. Haitze was always able to serve the customer quickly and professionally, and vice versa, he regularly contacted us when a customer of his was looking for a new machine. In this way we have been able to complete various beautiful projects together.”

Based on this pleasant collaboration, Haitze was approached to further set up and develop the sales branch of Laser & Bending Machines as Sales Director. Together with Nathan, he will be responsible for the purchase and sales of used laser cutting machines, tube laser cutting machines, press brakes, and automation. Haitze: “I am looking forward to serving my network in a different way than I have done in recent years and I am convinced that we will have a bright future together. If you are curious about what I can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact me – even if it is just to get acquainted!” Haitze can be reached via our contact page, or directly via: 0031659837141.

We wish Haitze good luck and pleasure in his new position at Laser & Bending Machines!