The Laser & Bending Machines building in Zwijndrecht will undergo a metamorphosis in the coming months to offer customers the opportunity to view the machines. Laser & Bending Machines started in a challenging period – January 2020. Covid-19 caused many uncertainties in the market, which already came on the path of the young company a few months after the start-up phase. “We are proud that we have nevertheless been able to continue with the expected growth”, says founder Nathan van der Hoeven.

“MetaalNieuws has helped us enormously in the first months of our start-up phase by offering the opportunity to immediately create national awareness,” continues the young entrepreneur. “Without this attention and promotion opportunities, we would not have been in this fantastic position today. We are very happy with the relationship with the MetaalNieuws team, which helps us reach our relations in the market in an honest and professional way.”

Every now and then he also discusses with the men from MetaalNieuws about how to approach certain issues: “They convinced us to participate in the METAVAK trade fair in Gorinchem. We ended up having great days there. New faces, old acquaintances – but all with the same wish: a good machine, for a fair price, without any hassle. We have had good conversations with a lot of potential for new relationships.”

Young used machines
Laser & Bending Machines connects supply and demand in the market of young used laser cutting machines, press brakes, and associated automation. “Unburdening is a cliché, but it does include what we value,” says Van der Hoeven. “We are not ‘fast traders’, but pay attention to both man and machine. This means long-term relationships, but also cleaning, checking and overhauling the purchased machines. Training, software, transport, installation – everything involved in buying (or selling) a machine is taken care of by us. This is the only way we can ensure that our clients always have a well-functioning machine park.”

Fast growth
The company is growing rapidly through this method. “We have outgrown our business in a short period of time, so we had to move to new premises in Zwijndrecht. Due to the uncertainty in the market, major investments in new machines were not made, which increased the demand for high-quality, young used machines. We have taken the necessary steps to do this and immediately hired additional staff to meet the demand – without having to compromise on our quality principles.”

Central to Van der Hoeven is a character trait for which we as the Dutch are famous and infamous: directness. “Openness and honesty are essential in this market, and short lines of communication are part of that. A single point of contact, always available, and fulfilling your agreements without false promises. These are not transactions that a company automatically makes every month – these are machines that are essential to the business of our clients. They therefore expect professionalism, quality and security from us. They must be convinced that the machines they purchase actually work – and continue to do so. That is why we maintain good relationships with the manufacturers of the machines so that our customers can always be assured of direct service.”

Metamorphosis facilities
Van der Hoeven has a keen eye on the future of his company: “We want to further strengthen our position in the market and become the partner for all young used A-brand laser cutting machines and press brakes. We are hopeful that the market for these machines will remain relevant for years to come and we are also focusing our future vision on this. Our premises in Zwijndrecht will undergo a metamorphosis in the coming months to offer our customers the opportunity to view our machines. We also expect to strengthen our team in the coming period in order to be able to continue to grow.”

The Laser & Bending Machines building will undergo a metamorphosis in the coming months to offer customers the opportunity to view the machines.