Laser & Bending Machines (LBM) has entered into a partnership with Beequip, the heavy equipment leasing company. This allows LBM to offer its customers (fast) lease constructions when purchasing used laser cutting machines, press brakes and/or automation solutions.

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Many metalworking entrepreneurs still believe that leasing is only possible when purchasing new machines. However, leasing a used machine is also possible. But it often takes a long time before a bank or a lease company provides clarity whether and under what (financial) conditions this is possible. “That could take nearly three or four months,” says Nathan van der Hoeven, founder of Laser & Bending Machines in Dordrecht. “We have that experience with various banks and smaller lease companies. But that just doesn’t work. Because it is precisely in the used machine market that speed is required and you must be able to act quickly. You actually want to have clarity within a few days. ”

Own rules

This is now possible thanks to the collaboration with Beequip . Beequip is a leasing company for heavy equipment in various sectors, including metalworking machines. Due to the unique approach on which Beequip assesses a lease, both new and used machines are eligible for financing. Beequip was founded five years ago to help SMEs grow and has since grown into the largest alternative financier in the Netherlands. In the financial sector, therefore, a relatively young player, with its own working method. “We make leasing for SMEs simple, flexible and fast,” says Job Maliepaard, Sales Officer at Beequip.

Nathan van der Hoeven (left), founder of Laser & Bending Machines, and Job Maliepaard, Sales Officer at Beequip. Through the collaboration with Beequip, LBM can quickly provide customers with clarity about the lease options for used machines.

Machine comes first

This is possible for a number of reasons. According to Job Maliepaard, there is a big difference between traditional financiers and Beequip: “When financing, we put the machine first instead of the annual figures of the company that purchases this machine. As a result, much more is possible. But it does require that we have to know everything about the equipment, and that is where I come into play. ” To assess equipment value, Beequip works with people from the industry: they know exactly how quickly each machine wears out and how great the demand for it is in the market for used equipment.

“By taking that as a starting point, we communicate with entrepreneurs much more easily and we can, for example, also finance companies that have just started or have had a few less good years”, explains Job. “Our goal is to help entrepreneurs do business. We think with them and are flexible. Other financiers often have no knowledge of machines, which makes it difficult for them to estimate matters such as lifespan and residual value and prefer to base their judgment on the annual figures of a customer. ”

According to Maliepaard, banks were very cautious about financing SME entrepreneurs during the credit crisis and subsequent years. “And that was one of the reasons for the start of Beequip. We now see the same pattern during the corona crisis. ”

Quick clarity

The Beequip partnership is important to both LBM and its customers. Nathan van der Hoeven: “In eight of the ten conversations I have with potential customers, leasing is discussed. We can now give a definite answer about this very quickly. This means that the customer quickly has clarity about the possibilities. For LBM it means a higher throughput speed, allowing us to do more machines per year and grow faster. ”

Soon a Beequip calculator will be available on the LBM website, with which customers can immediately get an indication of their monthly amount.